Joseph settled Jacob, his brothers, and their families in the land which Pharaoh gave to them. He gave each family food according to how many people each family included.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of serving dinner on the table where everyone takes  how much and what they want, versus people getting food already served on the plate? How does this relate to how Joseph gave out food to his family?
  • Do you think that Joseph made the right decision to give his brothers food according to the number of members in their family?

 Creative Thinking

  • Joseph settled his father and his brothers. Make a check list of things that would have to be taken care of to settle Jacob and Joseph’s brothers and their families.

Homeschool Activities

  • There was still a famine in Egypt so food was scarce. Joseph decided to give each family according to the number of people it had.  If you were given a one kilogram bag of your favorite candy how would you divide it among your family? (If you don’t use kilograms convert it to pounds. You can also Google to find out about how many pieces of your favorite candy would be in the bag.)
  • Make a graph of how much food each family received from Joseph.
  • Food was scarce. How do you think the normal Egyptian would feel about Joseph’s family getting food for free?
  • Traditionally in a kibbutz people received clothes, goods and extras according to how many people there were in their family. Research what a kibbutz is, how it worked and how it has changed. Write a paper or make a presentation about the theory behind a kibbutz.
  • Support Joseph’s decision to give food to his brothers according to the numbers in their family.
  • Support a case for Joseph dividing food equally to each brother no matter how many offspring they have.
  • When Joseph’s brothers left Egypt he gave more food to Benjamin than his other brothers. Support a case for Joseph to give food according to his relationship with each brother.
  • Write a thank you from a brother to Joseph for the food that he provided.
  • Write a diary entry for Joseph about how he felt settling his father, Jacob, and his brothers.
  • Write a thank you poem or song from one of the brothers to Joseph for all of his help and the food which he provided.
  • If you were Benjamin do you think that you would have expected more than your share?
  • Explain how you would feel if you were Jacob seeing Joseph help you and your sons get settled and be given food according to their needs.

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