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Israel, otherwise known as Jacob, packed up all of his belongings and went on his way to Egypt to meet his son Joseph who he had not seen, or known was alive, for a long time.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • What is involved in packing for a trip?
  • Is it easier to pack all of your belongings or picking what to take. Why?

Creative Thinking

  • What possessions would Jacob have?
  • What would be the reasons the text here uses the name Israel and not Jacob?

Homeschool Activities

  • Write a diary entry for Jacob about how he felt packing up all of his belongings and leaving his home.
  • Write a poem of gratitude from Jacob for all the good things that had happened in his life.
  • Write a poem or a journal entry from Jacob looking back on all his years in Canaan (now known as Israel).
  • Jacob took everything with him. If you moved and could not take everything with you what would you take? Make a list of items in order of your priority.
  • If you were Jacob what would be the last thing that you would say before you left?
  • Write a goodbye poem or song for Jacob.
  • Jacob set off to see Joseph. Do you think that he was thinking more about what lay ahead or what he was leaving behind. Why?

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