Jacob finds out that Joseph is still alive. Jacob decides right away to go and see Joseph before he dies.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Jacob was very excited to see Joseph before he died. None of us know when we are going to die so why would doing something before you die be more important to an older person?

Creative Thinking

  • Create a list of things that you would like to do before you die.
  • Create a list of things that you think everyone should do before they die.
        • How do the two lists vary?

Homeschool Activities

  • Jacob had a dream come true. He could see Joseph again.  Think of a dream that you would like to come true. Write about it.
  • For Jacob to see Joseph again was like undoing something that happened in the past. If you could undo something that happened anytime in the past what would it be?
        • Would your change affect history?
  • Create a billboard to encourage people to hold on to their dreams.
  • Jacob was very sad for a long time. Do you know someone who is sad? Write a greeting card to someone to cheer them up. (Click to take a look at some rhymes written for greeting cards.)
        • Write a card to give to Jacob before he found out that Joseph was still alive.
  • Think of something that you would really like to do. Write an explanation to someone why this is so important to you.
  • Jacob really wanted to see Joseph, who he thought was dead. If you could see someone who is dead who would it be?
        • Why?
        • What would you want to talk about with this person?
  • We all know that Joseph was Jacob‘s son. Explain why Jacob would say, “My son, Joseph is still alive“?

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