Joseph tells his brothers to go back home and tell their father, Jacob, that he is alive and that they are to all come at once to live close to him in Egypt.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Do they think that this news would be a shock to Jacob, Joseph’s father?
  • Do they think that this was a good way to tell Jacob? Why or why not?
  • Joseph hadn’t seen his father in a long time. What difference does it make after waiting a long time for something if it takes just a little bit longer?

Creative Thinking

  • Think of all the different reasons that Joseph did not get word to his father earlier that he was still alive.

Homeschool Activities

  • What do you think would be Jacob’s first reaction when he hears that Joseph
          • is still alive?
          • is in charge of all the food in Egypt?
          • has told them all to move close to him in Egypt?
  • After Jacob has some time to absorb that Joseph is alive, in Egypt, and in charge of the food supply, what do you think he will feel about these things?
          • If there is a change in his feelings, or reactions from his first response why would that be?
  • If you were Joseph and were going to tell your father after many years of not hearing from you that you were indeed alive, what would you say?
          • on the telephone
          • in a text message
          • in a letter
          • via your brothers
  • Write a journal entry for Joseph the night that he told his brothers to tell his father to come quickly to Egypt.
  • If you were Joseph’s brothers how would you tell your father that his son Joseph is alive and well in Egypt?
  • Write a conversation between Joseph’s brothers on the way home deciding how they were going to tell their father, Jacob, about Joseph still being alive.

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