The man in charge of Joseph’s household was told to fill Joseph’s brothers’ sacks with food, the money that they paid for the food, and to put Joseph’s silver goblet into Benjamin’s sack.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Joseph told his servant what to do and he did it. How do you know when you should just do what you are told to do and when you should question the task?

Creative Thinking

  • Do you think that the servant was afraid to ask Joseph why he was told to do these things? What makes people afraid to ask someone else a question?  Make a list of as many different reasons as you can think of.

Homeschool Activities

  • Joseph’s servant was told to put money in the brothers’ sacks with the food and to add the silver goblet into Benjamin’s sack. Write a diary entry for the servant. Do you think that maybe he thought that he was doing something wrong or something that would get the brothers, especially Benjamin into trouble?
  • Do you think that Joseph’s servant wanted to ask him why he was putting money into the sacks and the silver goblet into Benjamin’s sack with the food?  If the servant asked Joseph about the tasks that he was given, what do you think the conversation would have been like? Write a conversation between the servant and Joseph as if it happened in Biblical times and another conversation as you think it would happen today.
        • Why are these conversations different?
  • Do you think that the servant should have been suspicious of Joseph’s motives? When should we just follow orders and when should we question them?
  • Create a poster to encourage people to think for themselves.
  • What is the same and what is different between a parent telling you to do something (clean your room, set the table, take out the garbage) and Joseph telling his servant to fill his brothers’ bags with food, the money and the silver goblet.
        • Is there a difference between Joseph’s order
            • to put food into the brothers’ bags
            • putting money into the bags
            • putting the silver goblet into Benjamin’s bag?
  • Write a diary entry or a poem explaining how the money felt about being put into the brothers’ sacks.
  • Write a diary entry or a poem for Joseph‘s silver goblet explaining how it felt about going into Benjamin‘s sack.

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