Joseph ordered his servants to prepare a meal for his brothers. His brothers were very concerned that they would be accused of taking money from Joseph the last time that they left, even though they knew they were innocent.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Have you ever been accused of something that you did not do?
        • How did it feel?
        • Was it more or less scary than being accused of something that you did do?

Creative Thinking

  • Make a list of ways that you can calm yourself down when you are afraid?

Homeschool Activities

  • If Joseph saw that his brothers were nervous or scared:
        • Think of ways that he could make them feel at ease.
        • Think of ways that he could make them feel even more uncomfortable.
  • What do you think would have been the best thing for the brothers to say as soon as they saw Joseph?
        • What would be the worst thing that the brothers could have said when they first saw Joseph?
        • The brothers saw the man in charge of Joseph’s house as they entered the gate. Do you think that the brothers would say something different to the man in charge than they would have to Joseph?
  • In musicals people break into songs at key points in the script. Write a song or a poem that the brothers would sing when they saw Joseph.
  • Create an instruction sheet explaining to people how to calm themselves down.
  • Interview the brothers after they speak to the man in charge and before they go in to see Joseph. Are they still frightened?
  • Write a diary entry for one of the brothers before he goes in to see Joseph.
  • Write a diary entry for Joseph before he sees his brothers.