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When Jacob finally consented for his sons to take Benjamin down to Egypt  to get more food from Joseph he told them to take presents from the land. 

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Do they like getting gifts? Why?
  • What kind of gifts do they like getting?
  • Do they like giving gifts?
  • Is it hard to think of gifts to give people?
  • Do all people like the same kind of gifts?

Creative Thinking

  • If you were going down to Egypt to get food and wanted to bring a present to Joseph name at least 5 things that you would bring?
  • Think of 5 affordable gifts that you could make or buy for one or both of your parents. Explain why they are good gifts.
  • Make a list of as many reasons as you can of why people like giving gifts.
  • Make a list of as many reasons as you can of why people do not like buying gifts.

Homeschool Activities

  • Think of the nicest gift that you ever received.  Write a thank you card or note for the gift and tell why you liked it best.
  • Pick someone who you want to do something for you and make them a gift that they will appreciate.
  • Write a poem or a song explaining why you like receiving gifts.
  • Create plans for starting a “give a gift day”.
  • Write a card for the brothers to give Joseph with their gifts.
  • Why was giving food from where they lived a meaningful gift?
  • Many people who travel bring home gifts for close friends and relatives. Explain this practice.
  • Write a diary entry for one of the brothers explaining what he thought about his father telling them to bring these gifts with them.
  • Write a diary entry for Joseph when he sees the gifts that Jacob sent with his brothers.

For card ideas to go along with gifts that you give see Marcia Goldlist’s Express Yourself in Rhyme series. These books are full of rhymes to use for almost any occasion!