After Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams he suggests a plan to Pharaoh which will help the citizens of Egypt and the surrounding area survive the years of drought when there will be little or no food.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • What is power?
  • What kind of jobs are powerful?
  • What kind of people get powerful jobs?

Creative Thinking

  • Joseph was given a ring to signify that he was given power. Think of other objects that you think could be used to signify power.
        • Why do you think that the objects you picked are good to represent power?
        • Check if these objects were ever used to actually signify power.

Homeschooling Activity

  • Write Joseph’s or Pharaoh’s diary entry the night that Joseph was given the ring from Pharaoh.
  • Write Pharaoh’s announcement that he would give to Egypt explaining Joseph’s position and why he gave Joseph this power.
  • Create a billboard announcing Joseph’s new power.
  • Write an acceptance speech for Joseph to give in front of the people of Egypt.
  • Write a newspaper article from the perspective of someone who did not think that Joseph should receive the powers that were given to him.
  • Interview Joseph about his new position.
  • Write dialogue that could take place on a talk show discussing Joseph’s plan and whether he should have been awarded the position by Pharaoh.