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When no one could interpret Pharaoh’s dream the cupbearer remembered Joseph. He told Pharaoh about how Joseph had interpreted his dream and that of the baker correctly. Joseph was called from the prison to come and interpret Pharaoh’s dream.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk 

Discuss with your children:

  • Why do we wash and dress nicely when we meet someone important?
  • Who do you consider important? Why?
  • For what occasions do you wash and change your clothes?

Creative thinking

  • Find the most number of outfits you could make if you had $200 to spend on clothes.

Homeschooling Activities

  • Design a fancy outfit, an everyday outfit and a special outfit. What makes each outfit different?
  • In what context were clothes first mentioned? (Look in the Bible)
        • Why are we told that clothes were introduced?
        • Do you think that the introduction of clothes was a good idea or not? Why?
  • Write a diary entry for Joseph when he heard that he was called to see Pharaoh.
  • Write a play by play description of what you think you would have seen if you were watching Joseph come toward Pharaoh.
  • Write a cartoon of Joseph coming toward Pharaoh.
  • Write Pharaoh’s feelings as Joseph comes toward him.
  • Write a commercial for the upcoming TV event of Joseph coming to see Pharaoh.