The cupbearer did not remember Joseph

Excerpt from Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme by Marcia Goldlist

When Joseph interpreted the cupbearer’s dream he asked him to please remember him to Pharaoh. When the cupbearer got out of jail he forgot Joseph and did not mention Joseph to Pharaoh.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • The cupbearer did not keep his word to Joseph. What are the consequences of not keeping your word?
  • Should we remember when people help us, or should we just move on with our lives?

 Creative Thinking

  • We are often told to forget about something bad that someone did, so why are we told to remember something good that someone does? What is the difference?
  • Come up with at least 5 reasons that the cupbearer might have for forgetting Joseph.
  • Come up with at least 5 reasons that the cupbearer might have for remembering Joseph but not mentioning him to Pharaoh.

Homeschool Activity

  • We are told that the cupbearer forgot Joseph and how he interpreted his dreams. Research memory and how it works.
  • Research why we forget things.
  • Joseph had asked the cupbearer for a favor. The favor gave Joseph hope. Explain what hope is in a poem.
  • Write a diary entry for Joseph as the days go on and he realizes that maybe the cupbearer did not tell anyone about him.
  • Write a story about forgetting someone that helped you.
  • Write the conversation as you think it would have happened if the cupbearer did tell Pharaoh about Joseph when he first got out of jail.