Joseph told the cupbearer what his dream meant. He told him that he would be restored to his old position in three days. Then Joseph asked the cupbearer a favor. Joseph asked the cupbearer if he would mention him to Pharaoh. He went on to say that he was sure that the cupbearer could help him and that he really had done nothing wrong.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Is it okay to ask someone for a favor?

Critical Thinking

  • Write 5 different ways that Joseph could nicely ask the cupbearer to mention him to Pharaoh.
  • Write 5 ways that Joseph could ask the cupbearer to mention him to Pharaoh that would not be very polite.
  • At the end of many children’s birthday parties a little bag of goodies is given out. Why is this called a party favor?

Homeschool Activities

  • Think of something that you would really like and think that you deserve. Come up with 5 ways to ask someone for what you want explaining why you deserve the thing that you want.
  • Make a graph which shows how many favors you ask in the next week.
  • Joseph did a favor for the cupbearer, but then he asked for a favor in return. Did this diminish the favor that he did? Explain your answer.
  • Write a journal entry for the cupbearer regarding Joseph’s request.
  • Write a journal entry for Joseph regarding his hope that the cupbearer will help him get out.
  • Make a comic strip or write a story of Joseph asking the cupbearer to mention him to Pharaoh.