When Potifar heard his wife’s accusation he put Joseph into prison. He did not send him to trial or talk to him first.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Have they ever falsely accused someone?
  • Is it right to listen to only one side of a disagreement?
  • Have you ever been punished for something that you did not do?
      • How did it make you feel?
      • Could you do anything about it?

Creative Thinking

  • Think of 5 things that Joseph could do to try and not be punished by Potiphar.
      • What are 5 things that you can do if you are punished for something that you did not do?
  • Think of at least 5 things that you should do before you accuse someone of doing something wrong.

Homeschooling Activities

  • Write Joseph’s defense in court.
  • Write a diary entry for Joseph when he heard that he was being sent to prison.
  • Research the history of prisons.
  • Make a flow chart of what happens to a person from the time that they are charged with a crime until they would end up being charged and sent to prison.
  • Explain why Potifar would put Joseph in prison without giving him a trial.
  • Research someone else in history who was innocent but was put into prison.
  • Design a poster for Joseph to put up in his neighborhood explaining that he is not guilty.
  • If you were a TV newsperson and were allowed five questions to ask Joseph about what happened what would they be?
      • How do you think that Joseph would answer?
  • Write a newspaper article about Joseph going to prison.