Joseph worked for Potifar. Potifar’s wife wanted Joseph to sleep with her. She asked many times but Joseph kept saying no. 

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Is it hard to say no when someone keeps asking you to do something over and over again? Why?
  • Have you ever asked someone to do something many times even though they say no? How did it make you feel when they said no?
  • How do you feel if someone asks you to do something that you think is wrong to do?

Creative Thinking

  • How many different ways can you think of for Joseph to say no to Potifar’s wife?
  • Why is it hard to say no to people?
  • Why do we not like people to say no to us?
  • Joseph was put in a difficult position. Who do you suggest he could have turned to for help?
        • If this was a present day situation and you were Joseph who could you turn to for help?

 Homeschooling Activities

  • Compare the different ways that you came up with to tell Potifar’s wife no with those that Joseph said in the Bible.
        • Which is the most honest?
        • Which is the least honest?
        • Which would be the most persuasive to you?
        • Expand one of the answers into a dialogue between Joseph and Potifar’s wife.
  • Make a flyer or a billboard telling people to think for themselves – that it is okay to say no when someone asks you to do something that is not right, even if that person is a person of authority.
  • Write a research paper on how we know the difference between right and wrong.
  • Write a page in Joseph’s diary the second time that Potifar’s wife asked him to sleep with her.
  • Write a letter from Joseph to Potifar’s wife explaining in detail why he will not sleep with her.
  • Have you ever been asked to do something which you knew was wrong? Defend your response before a review committee.
  • Explain in a two minute speech why you believe some people can stand up and say no to others while other people have a hard time standing up for what is right.
  • What advice would Joseph give to a friend in the same situation?