In the Book of Genesis chapter 37 Joseph twice tells his brothers about dreams which he had.  Both dreams Joseph interpreted as his brothers bowing down to him. Is there significance to dreams?

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Do your children remember any dreams? Did they seem real?
  • Read together Joseph’s  dreams in the Book of Genesis chapter 37.
        • Discuss what the dreams could mean.
        • Discuss the reaction of Joseph’s brothers.
        • Discuss the reaction of Joseph’s father.

Creative Thinking

  • Think of a way that Joseph could have told his family about his dreams without getting them upset with him.

Homeschooling Activities

  • What is a dream? Research what a dream is and then write a paper or give an oral presentation to someone about dreams.
  • What were the differences and similarities between Joseph’s two dreams in Genesis chapter 37?
  • Many people used to believe (and some still do) that dreams come from God.
        • Write a defense for Joseph’s brothers for why they believed these dreams were nonsense.
        • Write a defense for Joseph for how these dreams could only be a sign from God.
  • Joseph had dreams which he believed were telling the future. Give five reasons why he should have told his family about the dreams and five reasons why he should have kept the dreams to himself.
  • Write a story about someone who had a dream that they believed told about something that would happen in the future and how they grappled with whether they should tell someone about the dream or not.
  • Joseph believed that his brothers would end up bowing down to him. Make a list of 5 reasons why his brothers would not believe Joseph.
        • Pick the one that you believe is the best reason they would not believe Joseph and write a flyer that you might give out on the street to try and get people to back your point of view.
        • Write a flyer from Joseph explaining why he believes that his dreams will come true.