Jacob loves Joseph the best. Does it make the situation any better because we get an explanation that Joseph was born when Jacob was old?

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • We all have friends and some of them are best friends. What makes someone a better friend than someone else?
  • Is it okay to like one sibling more than another?
  • Is it okay for a child to like one parent more than another?
  • Is it okay for a parent to like one child more than another?

 Creative Thinking

  • Jacob cherished Joseph more because he was born when Jacob was old. Why do we cherish something more if we are old?

Homeschooling Activities

  • Joseph’s brothers knew that their father Jacob had a favorite son. If one of your parents had a favorite child what would you say to that parent?
  • Write an entry into Joseph’s journal explaining how he felt knowing that he was his father’s favorite.
  • Write a story illustrating why a parent should not show favoritism.
  • Write an explanation for Jacob telling his sons why Joseph is his favorite.
        • Write a reply from one of the sons to Jacob after the speech explaining how he feels.
        • Write a reply from Joseph explaining what he feels about what his father said.
  • Perhaps Jacob cared more for Joseph because he thought he could not have any more children. Sometimes when we think we will not get something it becomes more meaningful to us. Why do we tend to cherish something more because we think we can’t have it? Prepare your answer in a one minute speech. Deliver your speech to someone.
  • If Jacob loved Joseph best but didn’t show the other brothers would it be okay?