In the Book of Genesis, chapter 35, Rachel died. Jacob buried her beside the road and marked the spot with a monument.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Why do we put up a monument to mark the place that someone dies?
  • Why do we want to remember things about people who have died?

Creative Thinking

  • Can we learn more from someone who is alive or someone who is dead?

Homeschooling Activities

  • What would be the consequence of forgetting about someone once they died? Write a story which would illustrate your answer.
  • Research the history of grave monuments. Write a paper about their history.
  • Go to a cemetery and look at the grave stones. Pick one and write a story about the person from what was written on the stone.
  • Write a eulogy for Rachel.
  • Write an epitaph for Rachel.
  • Write an epitaph for yourself.
  • People still visit Rachel’s grave today. Research why people still go and make a convincing argument to someone why you should go to her grave.
        • Make a list of expenses that you would have if you went to her grave. How much is the total?
  • Jacob put up a stone to mark the place where Rachel was buried. We are told that the stone still marks her place today. Find out where Rachel is buried and mark it on a map.