When Jacob heard that his brother, Esau, was coming towards him with 400 men he was frightened. Jacob divided his family into sections and turned to God. He both reminded God about the promise which He had made to Jacob and asked for His protection.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Do they think that it is okay to remind people of a promise that they made?
  • Is it hard for them to ask people to fulfill a promise that was made to them?
  • Is it harder or easier to remind God of a promise? Why?
  • Jacob told God that he was worried about what Esau would do. Is it okay to tell God what we are worried about? Is it a good idea to talk to family or friends when something bothers us?

Creative Thinking

  • We know that Jacob both prayed to God and divided his family into groups when he heard that Esau was coming to him with 400 men. What other actions can someone take if they believe that possible danger is coming towards them?

Homeschooling Activity

  • Have you ever made a promise that you did not keep? Write a speech to say in front of a judge defending why you did not keep your promise.
  • Did someone ever not keep their promise to you? How did it make you feel? Write that person a letter explaining how it made you feel and why they should have kept their promise.
  • Do you believe that God is “bothered” with requests from people or that He likes them? Pick a side and make an argument for your case. Now write an argument for the other side.
  • If God would rate requests what number from 1-10 would he rate Jacob’s request? One means that Jacob’s request was not really important and 10 means that it was very important and should be considered immediately.
  • If you believe that God remembers everything then why would Jacob remind God of His promise?
  • Do you have something that once belonged to you one of your parents or grandparents? Does it have more or less meaning than if the item had been bought new for you? Explain to someone your position.
        • When Jacob prayed he prayed to the God of his fathers Abraham and Jacob. Do you believe that God is more meaningful or has more power because he is also the God of our fathers?
  • Jacob reminded God about His promise and asked Him for protection. Write an answer to Jacob from God.