People used to help each other all the time. Neighbors helped each other at harvest time, to build houses, and when people were sick. Jacob went to find Laban. When he got to a well where the shepherds were waiting for everyone to gather in order to move the stone which covered the well  he asked if anyone knew Laban.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss With Your Children:

  • What is too hard for your children to do that they wait for help?
  • Why is it easier to move a heavy stone with more people?
  • What can they help with in the house to make household chores easier for the parents?

Creative Thinking

  • Make a list of ways which neighbors do regularly help each other today.
  • Neighbors used to physically help each other. Today people can help each other even if they live far away. Make a list of modern ways which people help each other around the globe.
  • What are some of the advantages to the people sitting around waiting for others to come before they moved the stone off of the well.

Homeschooling Projects

  • Write a speech to say in front of a judge
        • defending today’s society for being independent and for the most part not helping others.
        • accusing today’s society of not helping others more.
        • giving different ways which people today really do help others.
  • Create a bulletin board to encourage people to help their neighbors.
  • Jacob found the men waiting for others to come to the well and then they all worked together to take the lid off of the well. If the stone was so heavy why did they put it on the well? Explain the scientific advantage of the lid.
  • Write a list of advantages and disadvantages of working with other people.
  • Write a song about the water cycle.
  • Jacob came upon a group of men waiting to water their sheep.
        • Pretend you are one of the sheep waiting for a drink and write in your diary your feelings about waiting for all the other sheep to come.
        • Write a dialogue among the sheep waiting for the others to come to the well.