What an awesome responsibility to guard someone and what an awesome responsibility to be guarded!!

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Do they think that they would make better or not as good choices if they knew that God would guard them?
  • Have your child make a list of choices which they have made which God would approve of.

Creative Thinking

  • Think of 5 people, living or dead, who you believe are worth for God to guard.
  • Which do you think is a bigger responsibility to guard someone or to be guarded? Why?

Homeschooling Projects

  • Describe the following positions and how each is similar and how each is different from God guarding Jacob.
        • a parent
        • a guard in basketball
        • a security guard
  • Research how we make choices in life.
  • Think of things in your life that have happened that perhaps God had a hand in helping you. 
  • Describe how you would go about guarding someone.
  • Make an entry in Jacob’s diary of how he felt when God revealed to him that He would be with Jacob and guard him.
  • If you had to guard someone who would it be?
  • Write a job description of what is involved to guard someone.
  • Explain why you think that God choose Jacob to guard?