God speaks to Jacob and tells him that He is the same God that Jacob’s father, Isaac, and grandfather, Abraham, cared about.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Was God more powerful in Jacob’s generation because he had a bond with Abraham and Isaac?
  • Jacob was Isaac’s son and Abraham’s grandson. If God’s history is with your family does that bond become stronger?
  • Make a list with your children of things that your family does that show that you care about God.

 Creative Thinking

  • Compare a link chain to the verses “God was there, And He said that He was the same God about which Abraham and Isaac did care.”
  • Do you think that it is more important for God to care about man, or for man to care about God?

Home School Activities

  • How far back do your family traditions go? Pick one or two traditions that your family keeps and draw a representation of its history.
  • Write an explanation about one of your family traditions.
  • What do you think makes God strong?
  • Would God be strong if no one believed in Him? Defend your answer.
  • Find examples in the Book of Genesis illustrating how Abraham, Isaac and Jacob cared about God.
  • Find examples in the Book of Genesis illustrating how God cared for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.