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(Those of you who follow my blog will notice two things. One I have not written as many blogs in the last few weeks and the last blog skipped a number of interesting points in the Book of Genesis. These two points are actually related. I have been finishing the last few touches on a number of books at once; one being Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme. As a result I have not attended to the blog as often as I like and I made a mistake and jumped a number of issues that I wanted to raise. I apologize for anyone who has been waiting for blog posts to come out and I am going back a bit in the Book of Genesis to fill in on a number of interesting points. I don’t know if my plans of posting more and always having posts in order were changed by God or just my own mistakes, but it is important to note that we all make plans and they just don’t always work out the way that we expect.)

In Chapter 26 of the Book of Genesis Isaac decides to move to Egypt because of a famine in Canaan. However, God tells Isaac to stay in the land of Canaan and that God would be with him and bless him. God also said that He would give the land to Isaac and his offspring (just as He had told Abraham).

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • Sometimes our plans  do not work out.
          • How do people feel when their plans do not work out?
          • Is it sometimes for the best when this happens?
          • Unlike Isaac, we do not always know what changes our plans. Do you think that this is for the best?
  • Isaac was told not to go to Egypt by God and he listened.
          • Do you listen when you are told to do or not to do something?
          • Do you listen to some people more than you do to others?
          • Why do you listen to some people more than others?

Creative Thinking:

  • If God did not want Isaac to move away from Canaan why would He make a famine?
  • If this was a test for Isaac, why did God feel He had to test Isaac?

 Homeschooling Projects:

  • Make a plan to do something over the next few weeks. As you carry out your plan keep a chart of what goes the way that you expected and what changed.
  • Isaac was told to stay in the land that He was to be given for himself and his offspring. Today we call this land Israel. Research the land and who lives there today. Are these people related to Isaac?
  • Isaac wanted to go to Egypt to get food. Egypt is a neighbor of Canaan (today known as Israel). Research why Egypt would have food if its neighbor didn’t.
  • Isaac was going to go to Egypt because there was a famine. Research what a famine is and if we still have famines in the world today.
  • There were a number of famines in the Book of Genesis. Research what we do today to prepare for years with little rain.
  • Isaac was told not to go to Egypt by God and he listened.  Often when we are told to change our plans we want to know why and the details of this change. Come up with ten questions that you would have liked to ask God related to being told not to leave Canaan if you were Isaac.