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Merry Christmas to Christians everywhere!

Merry Christmas! May this year be one of peace in the world!

In the Book of Genesis Isaac prayers for Rebecca.

Prayer began in the time of the Bible.

We may or may not pray for ourselves – but we all want things and ask for them. How often do we note what others want and pray, or ask for things, for them? 

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • How often they ask for things for themselves.
  • How often they ask for things for someone else.
  • What is prayer?

Creative Thinking

  • Are all prayers meant for God?
      • What kinds of prayers are not meant for God?
      • Can people who do not believe in God pray? How?

 Homeschooling Projects

  • Research what prayer is.
  • Research different ways that people pray.
  • Write your reasoning for which would be a more powerful prayer; one for yourself, or one for someone else.
  • Write a paper on why praying for someone else to have a child is the perfect prayer.
  • Write an original prayer.
  • Research what the Bible says about prayer.
  • Create a billboard encouraging people to pray.
  • Interview your religious leader (Priest, Rabbi, etc.) about prayer.
  • Write a prayer for Isaac asking that Rebecca should be able to have a child.