Abraham’s servant asked a favor from God. He wanted a sign to know if he would pick the right girl for Abraham’s son Isaac. When the servant saw a girl draw water he would ask for some water for himself. If she freely offered to give water to his animals this was to be a sign from God that the girl was suitable for Isaac to marry.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get signs from God when we have major decisions to make? It might be nice, but it usually just does not happen that way!

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • What are the bigger decisions that people make in life?
      • Why are these so important?
  • Why would Abraham’s servant be so quick to ask God for a sign?
      • Do you think that he should have at least tried to find the right girl himself first?

Creative Thinking

  • Do you think that it is okay to ask God for a sign in any circumstance?
      • Make a list of the issues you think it is okay to ask God for a sign.
      • Make a list of the type of things you think that it is NOT okay to ask God for a sign.

Homeschool Projects

  • Make a list of big decisions that people make in life then divide these decisions into categories such as monetary, personal relationships, etc.
  • Write a letter to God asking if it would be okay to ask Him a favor. Do not mention what the favor is. The purpose is to ask if you may ask Him a favor.
  • Write an interview with God asking if He minds when people ask Him for favors.
  • Write a dialogue that someone may have with their conscience about whether they should ask God for a favor, or not.
  • Write a tweet from God to the world regarding his stand on people asking Him for things.
  • Write a letter from Abraham to his servant giving his opinion about asking God for a sign to make sure that he picked the right girl for Isaac.