As soon as Abraham has finished burying Sarah he turns to his servant and gets him to promise to find a suitable wife for his son Isaac. Did he not grieve? I am sure that he did, but he also had to get on with what was important. What was important to him, and I am sure Sarah, was to make sure Isaac would carry on their “work” to another generation. This means that Isaac needed a wife that would give him children and that would help pass down Abraham’s beliefs.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • How many generations does it take to make a family tradition?
  • Discuss with your children what is important about family traditions being handed down through the generations.
  • Why was it important that Isaac marry someone from where Abraham came from?

Creative Thinking

  • Come up with a list of family traditions that you have.
  • Think of something that you do that you would like to be a family tradition in the future.

Homeschool Projects

  • Research traditions of your religion.
        • Make a commercial trying to get people interested in one of the traditions that excites you.
  • Research traditions of your country.
        • Make a billboard to get people to try and keep a tradition of your country.
  • Research the traditions of another country, religion or family.
        • Find some aspect of this tradition that you like and write a blog post about it
  • Pick one of your family traditions and interview the eldest member of your family about this tradition.
  • Pick one or two traditions or beliefs of Abraham’s that you think Abraham would especially want Isaac to carry on. Write a letter from Abraham to Isaac telling him about these traditions and how to best implement them.