Abraham eulogizes Sarah: A custom from the times of the Bible

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children why people eulogize the dead.

  • Do they think that this helps the dead person or those left behind?
  • Is it more important to tell good things about people when they are alive or after they have died?

Creative Thinking

  • What types of things do you think that Abraham said about Sarah?
  • Why do you think that people usually only say good things about someone when they eulogize them?

Homeschooling Projects

  • Write a eulogy for Sarah.
  • Write a eulogy for someone that you know that died.
  • Write a eulogy for a pet that died.
  • What would you want people to say at your eulogy?
  • We often forget that it is important to tell people their good points while they are alive. Tell someone their good points.
  •  Sometimes after someone dies the family asks people to give charity to a specific cause. What cause do you think that Abraham would choose to honor Sarah.
  • Giving Sarah’s eulogy must have been very hard for Abraham. Write a journal entry for Abraham about how he felt giving Sarah’s eulogy.