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Abraham did what he believed to be right. He certainly did not expect to receive a reward; in fact he believed that he would lose not only his beloved son, but the ability to pass on his legacy. For his obedience God rewarded him with the blessing above.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children

What types of things do your children think that they should be rewarded for?

  • Helping in the house with chores?
  • Doing what their parents tell them to do?
  • Doing what their religious leader tells them to do?
  • Helping people in their neighborhood?
  • Helping their country?
  • Helping people in other countries?
  • Doing what God tells them to do?

Creative Thinking

Are gifts more meaningful when they are not expected?

  • Why or why not?

Homeschooling Activities

  • Make a list of other people in history that were willing to do something difficult for what they believed in. (e.g. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, etc.)
      • Pick one of these people and interview them.
  • Write a speech about something difficult that you are willing to do because you believe in it strongly.
  • Pretend that you were just elected the head of your country. What would be the most difficult decision that you would make? Tell the people of your country why you made this decision.
  • Write an entry in Abraham’s private journal concerning his feelings of being rewarded for what he did.
  • Make a list of issues which are important enough to risk your life, or the life of someone that you love.
      • Pick one thing on your list and write a speech or create a flyer to convince other people of the importance of your issue.
  • Look at the homeschool project page and pick a different activity related to Abraham being rewarded for following God’s command.