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Can you order the difficulty of Abraham, Isaac and Sarah's positions?

Excerpt from the upcoming book Enjoying Genesis: The Bible in Rhyme by Marcia Goldlist

Hard, Harder and Hardest: In which order would you place the role of Abraham, Isaac and Sarah?

Would it have been harder for you to:

  • Sacrifice your son?
  • Be sacrificed by your father?
  • Be the wife/mother?

Sometimes there is just no good choice!

Sometimes it doesn’t matter if your role is hard, harder or hardest – it is a challenge!

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss life challenges with your children.

  • Challenges that you have.
  • Challenges that they have.
  • Challenges of organizations.
  • Challenges of homeschooling/public or private school.
  • Challenges of religious institutions.
  • Challenges of belief and not having a belief.

Creative Thinking

Think of ways to cope when you are in a difficult situation.

  • How does your coping differ when you truly believe in what you are doing?

Homeschool Projects

  • Write a page in Isaac’s journal for the day that he went up the mountain with Abraham.
  • Draw Isaac’s face when he understood that he was to be sacrificed.
  • What would Isaac tweet when he realized that he was to be sacrificed.
  • What would Isaac tell his psychiatrist about his feelings towards his father for being willing to sacrifice him?
  • Write a day in Sarah’s diary when she found out what went on at the mountain.
  • If Abraham, Isaac and Sarah sat down ten years after this time and were going to talk about what happened on the mountain what would they say to each other. Write the dialogue.
  • If God could be asked one question about what happened on the mountain:
        • What would Abraham ask?
        • What would Isaac ask?
        • What would Sarah ask?
        • What would the lamb ask?
        • What would the men waiting on the mountain for Abraham and Isaac ask?
        • What would you ask?
  • Check out other homeschool project ideas to express your views about Abraham, Isaac and Sarah and what happened on the mountain.