In the Book of Genesis Abraham answers God with confidence.

With three words Abraham conveys to God that he is ready, willing and able to do whatever God requests.

When God called Abraham by name he answered, “Here I am.” I imagine that he answered loudly and clearly. How many of us can answer with conviction, “Here I am. I am ready to serve you no matter what you ask.” Even if you don’t believe in God, can you clearly confirm with conviction that you are ready for anything that comes your way?

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children:

  • How do they think they would answer if God called their name?
  • When someone calls their name, and they don’t know what is coming, do they answer with confidence, or are they weary of what is to come?
  • Do they think that Abraham was as confident inside as he sounded outside?

Creative Thinking

  • Think of strategies to overcome the doubt in yourself when you have to take on a new task.

Homeschool Projects

  • Be a reporter and interview Abraham how he felt when God called his name.
  • Come up with 5 replies Abraham could have given to God if he felt:
        • He was not confident.
        • He was really worried.
        • He was angry to be disturbed.
        • He was in a sarcastic mood.
        • He was in a silly mood and thought that it was a joke.
        • He didn’t believe that the voice calling could be God’s.
    • Draw Abraham’s face when he heard God calling him.
    • Create a book cover for a book written by Abraham about how God talked to him. Make sure to include the name of the book.
    • Look for other creative homeschool projects which you can do.