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What can we do about children making fun of others?

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

What would have made Ishmael make fun of Isaac?

  • That he was older.
  • That he was better at something.
  • That he was not following Abraham’s religion, and he wanted to point this out to Isaac?
      • Was he worshipping other gods?
      • Was he not being moral?

Creative thinking

What should we do when others make fun of us?

  • Ignore them
  • Try not to be around them
  • Have them sent away
  • Punish them
  • Try to make them our friend

At what point do you think that it is best to not associate with someone who is making fun of you?

Homeschool Projects

  • God told Abraham to listen to Sarah and not to worry about sending Ishmael away. Make a list of ten things to try before you give up trying to be someone’s friend.
  • Make a puppet show of Sarah telling Abraham that Ishmael and Hagar must leave. Think of what she would tell Abraham and the way that she worded her argument. Include Abraham’s reaction. (We know that Abraham did not want to send Ismael and Hagar away. God told him to listen to Sarah and carry out her wish.)
  • God told Abraham to listen to Sarah and carry out her wish. Make a list of how this is the same and how it is different from your parents telling you to do something that you do not want to do.
  • Create a newspaper headline or tweet that would circulate about this event.
  • Write a page in Sarah’s or Abraham’s diary for the day that Abraham told Hagar and Ishmael that they had to leave.
  • Look at the homeschool activity page for more ideas that you can use to expand on an idea from this story.