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Consequences existed from the time of the Bible

Lot’s wife did not follow instructions

Lot’s family was told not to look back while leaving Sodom. Yet, Lot’s wife looked back and as a result was turned into a pillar of salt. Why do we do things that we are told not to do?

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your child why they think Lot looked back after she was told not to:

  • She did it because she was told not to.
  • She wanted to see the city destroyed.
  • She was looking to see if her married daughters were coming.
  • She wanted to see if the city really was being destroyed.

Creative Thinking

Discuss with your child various reasons that people do not do what they are told. Do not make this only about your child. Explore several reasons for each of the following and/or come up with your own examples.

  • Why do people drive over the speed limit?
  • Why do people sneak cookies when they are told to wait until after dinner?
  • Why do people not clean up their room or their toys when they are asked to?
  • Why do people not finish their work on time?

Discuss with your child if you should always listen to others.

  • When should you not do what you are told?
  • How do you decide if you should follow instructions or not?

Homeschool Project

  • Design a flyer for children your own age about how to decide if you should follow what others tell you to do.
  • Come up with a slogan about every action having a consequence.
  • Write a dialogue that Lot’s wife might have had with herself deciding if she should look back or not.
  • Write a dialogue, or make a puppet show between Lot and his wife that might have taken place with him warning her not to look back.
  • Describe what Lot’s wife thought as she was being turned into a pillar of salt.
  • Look at other homeschool project ideas and use them to express your feelings about Lot’s wife and how she did not follow the instructions given to her.