Lot was allowed to save his family from destruction in the city of Sodom. His son-in-laws would not listen to him. They thought that he was being silly. The angels told Lot to take the part of his family that would listen and get out fast before they would all be destroyed.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

Discuss with your children

  • Have you ever had someone not pay attention to you when you tried to tell them something that you thought was important?
  • Lot was told to leave his son-in-laws and daughters married to them and get out of the city before it was destroyed.
        • Do you think that Lot did the right thing leaving them behind?
        • What do you do when someone doesn’t believe you?

Creative Thinking

Discuss with your child:

  • what to do when someone doesn’t listen to him
  • when someone makes fun of what she says
  • how to cope when things don’t go his way

Homeschooling Projects

  • Make a snakes and ladders type of board game. Write people’s possible responses to you telling them something on various squares. (Some possible responses could be that they listen carefully to what you have to say, that they make fun of you, etc.) If the responses are inappropriate have this lead the player further back in the game and proper responses jump the player ahead.
  • Write a simple guidebook with instructions on what to do, or not to do, when someone doesn’t listen to you.
  • Make up a motto that will help people not be so sad when things aren’t going their way.
  • Check out the creative projects for other ideas of how to express coping techniques.