Valuables: From the Book of Genesis until modernity

What is valuable? Has there been a change since the Book of Genesis?

Land is considered a valuable asset.

  • Is all land valuable?
  • What makes some land more valuable than other land?
  • What makes something a valuable asset?

Name some valuable assets. Can you rank them in terms of their value? (For instance is gold more valuable than paper money, or silver, or land?)

  • Do what we consider valuable change over the years?
  • Do you own something that you consider valuable but that would not be valuable to someone else? Why is it valuable to you?
  • How many things can you think of that last forever?
  • Does who you get something from affect its value?

Homeschooling Activities

  • Express how you think that you would feel if you were given something from God. (How would you tell your family? Write a poem or a song expressing how you would feel. )
  • Write a tweet to tell your followers that God has given you the land of Canaan forever.
  • Make a commercial telling the world about your precious gift.