Abraham had his name changed by God. He was no longer to use his old name of Abram. Abraham is still a name used today. It is not uncommon to know someone who is named Abraham, Abe or Abie.

Many women who get married take on their husband’s last name. They do this to mark that they are starting a new stage in life.

Last names were originally adopted when towns became larger and there were a number of people with the same name. Last names were taken from the person’s work or something which described where they lived to differentiate between these people with the same name.

Bible Study Tools

Bible Talk

  • What changed in Abraham’s life that he received a new name from God?
  • If you were to give a last name to Abraham, what would it be?

Creative Thinking

If last names were only being adopted now:

  • What last name would you give to your family?
  • What criteria would you suggest be used for choosing last names?

Homeschooling Activities

  • Research your last name. See if you can find when and why it was originally used.
    • Make a business card related to the meaning of your last name.
  • Research other people who have the same last name as you throughout history. Are any of them possibly related to you?
    • Pretend that you are related to one of these people and write about the first time that you meet.
  • Find out about famous people throughout history that have had the first name of Abraham.
    • Write a poem about the different people with this name.
    • Make a quiz for your family/friends about all the famous Abraham’s in history.
  • Look at homeschool activities about first names in the blog When Is A Name Not Just A Name?