Most of Us Think Of Ourselves As Nice People, But Are We?

In the Book of Genesis chapter 16 Sarai (who became Sarah after her name was changed by God) offered her maidservant to Abram (who became Abraham after God changed his name) so that he could have a child.

Once Hagar saw that she could have a child and Sarah (Sarai at the time) could not, she felt superior. If we can do something that someone else can’t, does that make us better people than they are?

  • If one child is better in sports and another better in math, which is superior?
  • If one child is better in school and another is always out helping other people who is superior?
  • If one person is better than another in something, does that make them a better person?

Bible Talk

  • Was Hagar really better than Sarah?
  • Is being able to do things totally up to us?

Discuss with your child:

  • What makes us want to be better than others?
  • How do we treat others that we think are not as good as us?
  • Could a person who is not as good as us in one thing, be better than us in something else?
  • If a person isn’t as good as you are in something are you really better than them?

Homeschooling Projects – For anyone to do at home

  •  Have your child make place cards for the family dinner table. Inside the card have him/her write something nice about that person.
  • Go around the table and have everyone say three nice things about everyone at the table without repeating what someone else has said.
  • Have your child write notes to people that they know expressing what they think is special about these people.