Abraham was 75 at the time that God told him to leave his family and the land where he lived to go somewhere that he would be shown.

Bible Study Tools

Discuss with your child

  • A time when your child was sent somewhere that s/he was not familiar with. How did s/he feel?
  • What is the difference between moving now and when Abraham moved?

Creative thinking questions:

  • If they had to leave home by themself and could only take what they could carry, what would they take?
  • Have your child quickly write down a list of what s/he would bring with them. Now have your child think carefully about the list and come back to it in a few hours, or a few days and see if s/he would still agree with what was written.
  • What does he think he would miss most about leaving home?
  • What would he miss most about the people that he left behind?
  • What would she miss most about the things that she left behind?

Bible Question

  • Do you think that Abraham had the same issues to deal with? What would have been different?

Homeschooling Project

Today if someone decides to move somewhere new they can look up all sorts of information on the Internet, including searching for houses, sports clubs, schools, and museums. If you were told that your family was going to move to another country what information would you look up?

Abraham was to move to the country that today is called Israel. Research what it is like to live in Israel. Look up at least some of the following aspects of the country:

  • Typography
  • Language
  • Climate
  • Main cities
  • Sports clubs that you like
  • Clubs for interests that you have (music, gymnastics, science)
  • Inventions that have come from Israel
  • Government
  1. Use your new information to make a tourism commercial or brochure to have people want to come and visit Israel.
  2. Interview Abraham on his way to Canaan (Israel).
  3. Look at other creative thinking exercises.