What did the animals do with their freedom from Noah's Ark?

Freedom from Noah’s Ark

What did the animals do with their freedom after they left Noah’s ark?

Bible Study Tools

Use the Bible questions and creative thinking questions below to talk with your children about the story of Noah and the ark in the Book of Genesis.

Bible Questions

  • Do you think that the animals ran away from each when they left the ark?
  • Do you think that the animals wanted to stay close to Noah or move far away from him?
  • When all the animals finally left Noah’s ark and spread out, do you think that they felt lonely?

Creative Thinking Questions

Leaving Noah’s ark meant that the world was starting again.

  • Do you think that the animals set up any rules when they received their freedom from the ark?
  • What kinds of thing would you do to make sure that God would not want to destroy the world again?

Homeschooling Projects

  • Pick an animal and describe how it felt when it was allowed out of Noah’s ark.
  • What rules would you make if you embarked from Noah’s ark?
  • Interview the animal that you think would be the most active in making the world a better place.
  • Create a billboard with a message for the animals.
  • Look over other ideas for homeschooling projects.