What rules do you think Noah used to make leaving the ark orderly?

Was leaving Noah’s ark chaotic or orderly?

Bible Study Tools

Which animal would you let out of Noah’s ark first and why?

Use the Bible questions and creative thinking questions below to talk with your children about the story of Noah and the ark in the Book of Genesis.

Bible Questions

  • Do you think that Noah made a plan for letting the animals out of the ark?
  • Do you think that the animals followed Noah’s order?
  • Do you think that Noah reversed the order he let the animals into the ark?
  • Do you think that Noah had favorite animals in the ark?
    • Did his feelings for certain animals affect his order?

Creative Thinking Questions

How do you think that Noah picked the order for the animals to disembark?

  • Make a list of all the different criteria that Noah could have used (eg size, height)
  • Give a reason why each is a good criterion to disembark first.

Homeschooling Activities

  • Create a flyer explaining to the animals the order for disembarking
  • Create a commercial explaining the rules for disembarking
  • Make a puppet show with animals discussing their thoughts about the rules.
  • Write a series of tweets that Noah would send to the various animals when it was their turn to disembark.
  • Write a poem from an animal’s point of view
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