When the rain came down at the time of Noah's Ark

The Mistake of a Lifetime in the Book of Genesis

The Mistake of a Lifetime in the Book of Genesis – When the Rain Came Falling Down

The people that lived around Noah watched him build the ark and probably talked to him about it.

Bible Study Tools:

Bible Questions

  • But what did they DO?
  • Did they really think about their future
  • Did they make fun of Noah?
  • How did the people feel when the rain started coming down?
  • Did they wonder right away if they had made a mistake?
  • How long did the rain come down before they realized that Noah did know what he was talking about?
  • Do you think that they tried to get on Noah’s ark after the door was closed?

Do You Make Life Altering Mistakes?

Critical Thinking Questions:

Ask your children:

  • if they have ever not listened to someone and found out later that they were very wrong not to have paid attention
  • if they think that they have ever made a life altering mistake
  • what they think they  would have done when the rain didn’t stop
    • if they would try to tell Noah that they wanted on the ark ask if they generally do admit when they make mistakes

Homeschooling Project

Have your child express how they think they would have felt as the rain kept coming down.

  • What would they have written in their diary, on their blog or have tweeted about their feelings?
  • What would they announce if they were a TV announcer at the time
  • If they were a community leader what would they be telling their followers
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