The Secret of the Raven from Noah’s Ark

In the Book of Genesis 8:7 we are told that Noah, “sent out the raven, and it kept going and returning until the waters dried from upon the earth.”

  • What changed in the scenery from one time until the next that the raven went outside of Noah’s Ark?
  • How do you think that this changed the raven’s mood?

A Bird’s Eye View from Outside of Noah’s Ark

Have your child depict the change that the raven saw each time it went out from the ark through

  • a series of drawings with a caption reflecting the feelings of the raven
  • a comic strip
  • a power point presentation
  • one of the other creative thinking exercises

Relating the Raven in Noah’s Ark to Your Child

  • Have your child think of a time when his mood changed.
  • What happened to change his mood?
  • Have your child think of something that has changed his mood for the better and something for the worse.
  • Does your child think that he would have felt any differently than the raven in seeing the changes that were taking place outside of Noah’s Ark?