Bible Questions: Who is Important?

Bible Study Tools: Was the raven more important than the other animals?

What Makes Us Feel important?

What types of things make you feel important?

Is it when you accomplish something that

  • will help others?
  • you thought you could not do?
  • you were afraid to do?
  • you were specifically chosen to do?
  • you know is important in some way?

Do you think that the raven felt important because it was the first animal let out of Noah’s ark? How do you think the raven felt when it returned?

An Important Job

Think about what makes you feel important. Discuss with your children how they think that the raven felt and then have them think about what makes them feel important. Let them express themselves through one of the creative thinking ideas. They could either do the project for themselves or for the raven. Perhaps they want to design a book cover on feeling important, or create a song or a poem. An easy kind of poem is created by writing the word important and having them write an appropriate word starting with each letter.

Creative thinking questions

  • Is everyone important?
  • Does everyone have the potential to be important?
  • Who decides who is important?
  • What makes someone important?
  • Was the raven more important than the other animal?

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