Organization for Noah’s Ark

We have all gotten upset with people who have not waited their turn properly in line. Perhaps on the odd occasion we have somehow moved ahead unfairly. So we know that it is not always the first to come that are the first served. If this motto was around at the time of Noah in the Bible we have no idea. We are told in the Book of Genesis 7:9 “two by two they came to Noah into the Ark, male and female, as God had commanded Noah.”

Animal Control

As parents we often let our children decide things by themselves and we stand back quietly. We hope that they will resolve the discussion without any bad feelings.  Often we do have a preference for the outcome of such disagreements, but that does not mean that we voice them or act on them. Do you think that Noah let the animals decide by themselves who would go into the ark first, or did he have a plan that he followed? Did Noah let the larger or smaller animals go first? The fastest or the slowest? Those that had come the furthest or shortest distance? The tallest or the shortest?

Make a Plan

Have your students pretend that they are Noah and have them make a plan on how they would decide which animals would enter the ark first. Have them make a sign or a commercial to inform the animals of the rules for the order of entering the ark. Check out more project ideas on the project page. Discuss why they choose their order. This is a good discussion point because even though people have different ideas there are no right or wrong answers. Have fun playing Noah and getting the animals into the ark in an orderly manner!