From the Bible to modernity we have always needed to improve

From the Bible to modernity we have always needed to improve

Biblical Advice From the Beginning of the Book of Genesis

In the Bible Genesis 4:7 God tells Cain, “If you improve yourself you will be forgiven.” How simple? How difficult!?! It is a lot easier to look at others and see how they need to improve than to look at ourselves. But looking at others doesn’t help the world! We have to work on ourselves to make a difference!

The Past Is The Past

We cannot change the past; neither what was done to us nor what we did. However, we can and should work on ourselves so that our past mistakes are not repeated. This is not a simple task, but if we want to improve ourselves it is vital.

“If you improve yourself you will be forgiven.”

The Bible tells us to improve ourselves.

Take Action

So how can you get across God’s message from the Book of Genesis to your children?

  • Have your child think of a way that they can improve something about themselves.
  • Have her write down a realistic plan of how she can improve herself. The plan should be full of baby steps to make sure that it can work. Your child might want to make a time line, create a power point presentation or write future journal entries to guide her along. It doesn’t matter how your child develops the steps that they need to take so let them be creative.  She can look at the various ideas for creative thinking listed for other ideas. Remember the aim is to make a plan and stick to it in order to improve something about themselves.

While you are encouraging your child, remember that in the Bible God was speaking as much to Cain as He was to your child or to YOU. Try this exercise yourself!

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