The Blame Game

Are we going to accept responsibility for what we did, or blame someone else?

The Bible Blame Game

Blame goes back to the beginning of time. In the Old Testament in Genesis 3 Adam blames Eve and Eve blames the snake for eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad. Adam and Eve both passed the blame on while talking to God!

  • What were they thinking!?!
  •  Did they really think that God didn’t know what had happened?
  • Adam and Eve were the first people of all times. Where did they get the idea of blaming others?
  • What is the Bible trying to teach us?

Our Blame Game

I won’t ask you if you have ever played the blame game because we all have. Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis and me and you in today’s world and millions of people in-between have played the blame game! I really can’t give a reason why we are so afraid to say, or even to admit to ourselves, that we did something wrong, but we are. So the question  for our students and children becomes did they or can they stand up and take responsibility for their own actions? Why is it important? What does it feel like?

Taking Action

I think that a good way to get ourselves away from the blame game is to start to take action. Have your child write a letter, phone someone or pick some other way to say that they are sorry to someone for something that they should have done, or for some wrong that they have done. Have them actually send or give it to the person if at all possible. Talk to them about how they feel after they have apologized. Now comes the hard part. Try your best not to lay blame on others. Our children are very quick to pick up on the things that we do. Don’t be embarrassed to apologize to people, including your children. We are responsible for our own actions! It does not matter that in the Bible the snake told Eve and Eve told Adam. Everyone has to think for themselves and decide what they are going to do. Let the blame stop here!

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